The Chroma Concept
….at the beginning of the new millenium, after realizing the fate of any great nation can be directly linked to the music it produces, the US military developed a chip which implanted in musician test subjects, gives the ability to induce synesthesia (aka chroma, or colorful hallucinations) in audiences. During the testing period, before the procedure was stable, the test subjects escaped.

Well aware of their extraordinary sensory condition, the subjects’ objective is to infiltrate venues, induce synesthetic hallucinations via their blend of mind-altering music and then vanish before the federal government realizes what is happening.

Despite the government testing gone awry, one major side-effect of the procedure remains, leaving the Chroma Concept members in a state of constant artistic flux, thus merging the boundaries of musical genre into a “Chroma” experience all their own….

The Chroma Concept was formed shortly after the New Year of 2011. They met at Berklee College of Music, where they developed their vision and honed their sound. The group seeks to combine instrumental music with electronic styles. Centered around improvisation, they mix grooves such as Funk, Drum’n'Bass & Trip Hop freely within the framework of their jazz-influenced compositions. The group is currently Ezra Platt (guitar/efx), Mike Clairmont (bass/synth bass/efx), Ben Atkind (drums) and Joao Nogueira (keys). They have already performed at many of New England’s premier nightclubs during their first year, including the Middle East Upstairs & Corner (Summer ’11 residency), The Wonder Bar, Johnny D’s, Church Boston, Stone Church NH, Parima Burlington, Sullivan Hall NYC, Mill St. Brews and Copperfields. In January of 2012 the band released The Escape, an EP that musically illustrates the first chapter of their musical journey. During the summer of 2012, The Chroma Concept was featured on music festivals such as Uphoria, Camp Coldbrook, Freak Jazz On Great Bay and Wormtown Music Festival. Now approaching their third year, The Chroma Concept is poised to unveil the next chapter… This is a band that’s in the midst of infiltrating the US creative music scene with their mind-bending, powerful music.