Artie Januario and Jimmy Walsh: Comedy
Laugh Riot Production
Artie is one of Boston’s premier comedians.  A pharmacist by day, Artie works all over the country including Las Vegas, Atlantic City and his hometown of Boston.  Early in his career, Artie made a name for himself opening for national headliners such as Dom Irrera, Brian Regan, Richard Lewis, Lenny Clarke, and many more.  Now he is one of the best known and well respected comedians on the East Coast.  He is absolutely one of the most hilarious comedians in the country!

Jimmy is a Boston based comic that has worked up and down the east coast from Caribou Maine to Miami Fla. He's worked with: Lewis Black, Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live, Pam Stone, Stephen Wright, Jonathan Katz and Lenny Clarke. He worked with Ed McMahon and hosted his Boston leg of "Next Big Comedy Star Search." He sees the everyman in all of us. He's the guy next door that lets us see the funny in it all. He has also shared his own painfully funny 12 step recovery experiences with a number of recovery organizations.