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Katie Dobbins with Dr Jack

With a mastery of storytelling and the heart of a poet, Katie Dobbins captures elements of life and relationships in ways that lift spirits and challenge the soul. Her debut album She Is Free (released 2017) was described by The Deli Magazine as "a deeply personal record that is full of reflective poetry and messages of love . . . bringing to mind Jewel's Pieces of You." The comforting texture of her voice accompanied by her beautiful guitar or piano creates a warm inviting atmosphere that leaves her listeners longing for more.

“Dr. Jack” (Jack Polidoro) has a fifty-year career as a prolific songwriter, acoustic performer and recording artist with 9 albums (from vinyls to CDs). His original songs/style are analogous to Lightfoot, Croce, Taylor and his songs embrace love and love lost, socially aware issues and ballads that express life in general. A NH resident, his local following is quite extensive. Jack is also a novelist having written 8 books since 2000. His name is derived from his Ph.D. in Animal Science, a career in biological research which is unrelated to his passion for songwriting and literary works. Two new books, a novel and a book of poetry are in the works for 2019.