Wendy Nottonson Quartet

Nottonson brings a special performance with a mix of Jazz Standards as well as a Tribute to the late Hal David, Burt Bacharach's song writing collaborator. Nottonson's repertoire is carefully chosen to reflect her unique persona, from gentle and poetic to strikingly poignant. While utilizing her three octave range, she is not afraid to take risks. Nottonson has a natural place in the lineage of female jazz vocalists. Her phrasing is true to the essence of jazz itself. Her influences span from Ella Fitzgerald to Carmen McRae to Betty Carter, as well as from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin, and many other contemporaries. Nottonson brings with her an impressive and seasoned instrumental line up, Marc LaForce (sax), Jim Butka (piano/bass keys), and Les Harris Jr. (drums), who raise the intensity of her live performance to a new level.